My first experience
          with Live Ink
        came after years
            of trying various
                 speed reading courses
                      and software.
     I accidently
         discovered Live Ink
             after a Google search
           and experienced
                their free sample
                    reading trial.
     I was truly amazed
         and astonished
            by this remarkable
                and unusual technology.
     With Live Ink’s ClipRead,
        I can read
            without any visual distress
          at more than
              twice the rate
                  as I could before
          and with greater

     This tool
         makes it almost impossible
             to read
                 one word at-a-time
           by forcing you
               to view words as clusters,
                   just as
                      naturally rapid-readers do,
        and prevents one’s eyes
            from re-reading
                the previous sentence,
          which forces your eyes
              to read rapidly downward
                  rather than side-to-side.
     I only wish
         I had this product
            in grad school.
     Whether or not
            you’re like me
      -- who likes to download
               literary masterpieces
                    from the public domain
                 (e.g. Project Gutenberg),
          and needs to read
               technical materials,
             such as
                  professional accounting
                      or tax compliance information --
        LiveInk’s ClipRead
            will not only
               increase your reading speed
                   and comprehension,
          but will make it
              an enjoyable experience and,
                save you time.
     William Peter Perinis, CPA
         St. Petersburg, Florida

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