Randall Walker, MD  
       Randall Walker, MD,
          is a practicing physician,
             clinical investigator,
          and educator
              at a College
                  of Medicine
                      in Rochester, Minnesota.
       In the mid-1990s,
          he became aware
              of subtle visual problems
                  in young people (and himself)
                 that impaired
                     their reading performance,
          especially from computer
       Having minored
           in modern language
               as an undergraduate
                  at Notre Dame,
               with his brother Stan,
             an ophthalmologist,
                to improve
            text readability
               with a new text formatting method,
             called Live InkŪ.
Stan Walker, MD    
       Randall and Stan
              Live Ink
             to promote
                  the dynamic perception
              of word
                    in a sentence,
             to augment
              with multidimensional
             syntactic cueing
Phil Schloss, BSEE   
            then collaborated
               with Phil Schloss, BSEE,
          an expert
              in natural language software
                  and a
                      former advisory software architect
                         at IBM,
                         during a distinguished 30 year career,
                            he had patented 14 inventions
                               of his own.
       Randall and Phil
                  encoded software-executable algorithms
                     that perform
                  the Live InkŪ
                      formatting method automatically.
       The team
            then collaborated
               with cognitive
                  and education scientists
              at two leading universities
                  to validate Live Ink,
          and received Phase I
              and Phase II Innovation Research Awards
                 from the US Department
                    of Education.
       The globally-patented Live InkŪ method
           is now featured
              in upper-elementary,
                    and college level online textbooks,
              and received
                 the 2005 Distinguished Achievement Award
              from the Association
                  of Educational Publishers.

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